6 August 2021

Van Dairy committed to Tasmania

Reports suggesting that the entirety of Van Dairy Limited is for sale are wrong.

Van Dairy Owner, Mr Xianfeng Lu, an Australian Permanent Resident who lives at the farm in Tasmania’s far north-west, said he had never considered selling all the farms.

Mr Lu said he had also refused offers to buy the entire estate.

He said Van Dairy remained committed to creating a world-leading, environmental best- practice and vertically integrated dairy operation which blends seamlessly with the Tasmanian brand.

“I will not sell the entire VDL farms,” Mr Lu said.

“We want to make VDL a well-known international brand in the Tasmanian organic dairy industry.”

Van Dairy has earmarked two farms for sale, including the 900-hectare Harcus Dairy, due to operational requirements. Even after any sales, Van Dairy would continue to own around 16,000 hectares of the Woolnorth property.

In line with Mr Lu’s vision for the farm, any sales funds will be re-invested into the broader property.

“My goal is to build an international high quality dairy company and I remain committed to this outcome,” Mr Lu said.

The farm currently employs around 140 local residents, making it one of the largest employers on the Coast, and a major contributor to Circular Head’s economy.

Mr Lu said he was 100 per cent committed to building a strong future for himself, his family and the company in Tasmania and would continue to work closely with all interested stakeholders and parties to deliver upon his vision.


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