Climate in Tasmania

The temperate climate in Tasmania is distinct. In the western part of Tasmania, there are many moist tropical rainforests, while in the warm, sunny East, more people choose to live here. From December to February is the hottest season in Tasmania every year, between 17 and 23 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is low - the best season to play on the beach or to have a picnic with friends. Compared to the summer in other states, Tasmania has the longest sunshine time, reaching 15 hours on the day of the summer solstice, so you can walk home safely before sunset. Autumn (March to May) is usually sunny and mild. Winter (June to August) usually bring some frost and beautiful snow scenes in the mountains, but it often go with amazing sunny weathers, the temperature is between 3 degrees and 11 degrees. By September, the warm spring breeze accompanied the sunshine, which made people feel cool and comfortable.

Tasu has the world's most clean air, the Woolnorth, Smithton region of the ranch, and the PM2.5 index less than 5 for a long period of time during a year, of which there are nearly more than 200 days with an index of 0.

The air quality data of the Tasmania farm in Australia was from "EPA Tasmania", and the air quality data from the Helingeer farm in Inner Mongolia was from the "China air quality online monitoring system platform"

Pure Environment

We travelled the world to find the purest place on earth, and we found it here in northwest Tasmania. This region is ideally suited to dairy farming, with a temperate climate, clean and abundant rainfall, moderate temperatures and, according to scientists at the Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station – the world’s cleanest air. Clean air, pure rainfall, lush green pasture, it all adds up to happy, healthy cows, which means the purest, cleanest milk!

Van Dairy has a thriving and healthy population of the endangered Tasmanian Devil, and our properties also include some nesting sites for the magnificent Wedge Tail Eagle. We are working actively with the Tasmanian Government to protect these and other native animals that share our land.

Our policies ensure that we:
  • ● Implement and maintain systems that identify and eliminate or minimise the risk of our business to the environment
  • ● Conduct our business sustainably
  • ● Provide our workers with information and instruction regarding environmental risks and management of the effects on the environment of our business
  • ● Quickly respond to environmental incidents and take corrective and preventative actions

Pure Sustainability

Van Dairy is committed to sustainability. Along with careful management of the environment, we continually invest in best practice pasture maintenance and animal welfare, to ensure the ongoing health and integrity of our dairy cows. We also invest in renewable energy: the centrepiece of Van Dairy is the historic Woolnorth Station, home to the Roaring 40’s Wind Farm and a disease-free refuge for the endangered Tasmanian Devil.

Pure Quality

Producing the purest, highest quality milk is at the very heart of our business. Van Dairy aims to maintain the highest standards in milk quality and minimise the environmental footprint of our dairying.

Most of our farms have low total somatic cell counts (one internationally accepted measure of quality) when compared to the rest of Australia, New Zealand and Europe. We insist on good hygiene practices when milking by teat spraying all cows at every milking, the use of milking gloves, dry cow therapy at drying off and regular herd testing. Our staff undergo regular training to maintain the highest standards and improve quality.

All our dairies comply with the Tasmanian Code of Practice for Dairy Food Safety, which sets the minimum mandatory standards for the production, manufacture, processing, storage and transport of milk and dairy products to safeguard public health.

Pure Goodness

VAN Milk and milk products are pure, 100% goodness. Every pure drop is packed full of important vitamins and nutrients that the body needs to stay strong, vital and healthy. It’s all thanks to our happy cows that spend their days in a pristine environment, with endless pastures of lush meadows and grasslands, and clean rain and clear air straight from the prevailing southern winds. All our production processes are pure, too – we produce milk organically and sustainably, without additives, antibiotics, pesticides or growth hormones.

Clean, green, safe and pure. VAN Milk is completely natural – because you can’t improve on nature!

Pure Care

At VAN Milk, the health and safety of our employees is our number one priority. The producers of VAN Milk aim to ensure each of our workers is provided with a safe and healthy place in which to work and that our work practices will not compromise the health or safety of others present at the workplace such as contractors, visitors or other non‐employees.

There are four principles that underpin our Work Health and Safety philosophy:

Pure Welfare

We are committed to ensuring that not only do we fully comply with our legal obligations with regard to animal welfare, but that we will adopt best practice in respect of animal welfare.

Any breach of Tasmanian Government animal welfare laws and Australian Government livestock transport standards, or failure to treat animals humanely is completely unacceptable to our business. This policy is not simply concerned with ensuring the absence of cruelty and disease; we have an obligation and a requirement to treat animals humanely, recognising that they are beings capable of feeling, and for which we have an ethical responsibility.

We aim to conduct all farm operations in a manner that seeks to ensure that animals shall:
  • ● Have sufficient water, food and air to be healthy
  • ● Have contact with other animals of the same species and have the freedom to display normal patterns of behaviour
  • ● Have appropriate space and shelter from weather extremes
  • ● Be free from disease and injury and, where either are found to be present, take timely and appropriate actions to address those issue
  • ● Be free from unreasonable and unjustifiable pain or fear
  • ● Be fit for the purpose of their use and environment

From the purest place on Earth.

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